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Sevenoaks School Summer Programmes launched in 2019 with the aim of being truly diverse. We have welcomed students from over 60 countries and anticipate even greater diversity in 2024.

We were delighted when we found out that more than 99% of surveyed students said they would recommend Sevenoaks School Summer Programmes to a friend.

“How would I describe Sevenoaks School Summer Programme? Life changing.”

Audrey - Indonesia

“It was a pleasure learning from so many dedicated and spectacular people.”

Arish - Bangladesh

“I would sell my soul to repeat this experience.”

Lizzy - Germany

“I am now more independent because of The Summer Programme.”

Carolina - Philippines

“I would describe this programme as academically rigorous but insanely fun.”

Brycent - US

“Thank you to all the summer programme team. My daughter had a truly enriching, fun and inspired experience with you. I'm learning a lot too, from all the insights she's sharing with me.”

Parent - UK

“This experience has been extraordinarily positive for our son. Everything resulted much better than expected and, believe me, the expectations were really high.”

Parent - Spain

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