Excursions, Evenings and Sundays


With such an enviable location close to London, we make the most of going on three excursions in each session to places in and around the capital city.

Whether it is an action-packed day at Thorpe Park, the UK’s premier theme park, a visit to world-famous London attractions or a day in one of the leading university cities in the world, the excursions are a chance for students to take in some of the UK’s top attractions while continuing to bond with their friends.

Thorpe Park

Home to hair-raising rides and attractions, Thorpe Park is the ultimate destination for thrill-seekers. Whether you want to get soaking wet on ‘Tidal Wave’, travel at record breaking speeds on ‘Stealth’ or spend time in the arcades, Thorpe Park has something for everyone. Summer Programmes students are free to explore this amazing theme park in small groups with discreet staff supervision.


What trip to the UK is complete without a visit to one of the most popular cities in the world? Sevenoaks is just 23 miles from London, so on the middle Wednesday of each two-week session, Summer Programmes students make a cultural visit to the Tower of London, the historic 1000-year-old castle on the bank of the River Thames.


This beautiful city is home to one of the most famous universities in the world. Each year, many Sevenoaks School students study at some of its 43 colleges. Students will take part in a walking tour of the city, visit one of the most famous colleges and have the opportunity to look around a museum before having some free time to explore the city. 


After a busy day of lessons and co-curricular activities, evenings are a chance for students to get to know each other in more informal circumstances. Our team of dynamic and enthusiastic Activity Leaders organise evening activities including Mindfulness, Karaoke, Futsal and a late-night shopping trip to Bluewater. The course ends with the eagerly-anticipated Leavers’ Ball.


Sundays start with a late wake-up, something very popular after such an action-packed week. This is followed by brunch and an afternoon to explore Sevenoaks and its surrounds. It is important that students recharge their batteries in preparation for the coming week as well as have time to reflect on what they have learned and achieved so far. 

On Sundays, there are optional activities put on by boarding house staff and supervision for those who do leave the school campus. Students aged 16-17 have the option of taking the train to London in small groups of two or more, providing parents have given written permission at least 72 hours in advance and the Director feels the students are mature enough.

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