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Sevenoaks School is globally recognised for academic excellence and curriculum innovation. Three inspiring summer programmes offer bright, ambitious students aged 11-17 a taste of Sevenoaks.

Our academic enrichment programme, the Summer Programme, has four modules: Critical Thinking, Social Leadership, Creativity and Digital Skills. Each module is a ten-hour course and designed to develop soft skills and to encourage students to be capable and broad-minded across a variety of fields.

We also offer a first-class English Language Course designed by Sevenoaks School’s specialist language teachers. Students study General English and Academic English to improve their aptitude in English language and to prepare them for exam papers or further study. The courses are bespoke and designed to ensure students leave us with an enhanced level of confidence and aptitude in using English both formally and informally.

New for 2024 is the Music Programme. This immersive course combines practical and academic musicianship as an introduction to the skills and techniques sought after in UK music scholars. Students learn performance, composition history and analysis from Sevenoaks School’s teachers, leaving them with a comprehensive and sophisticated understanding of the subject.

The Summer Programme classes are separated by age, while the Music Programme and English Language Course are also divided by ability. At the end of all courses, parents receive a detailed report from their child’s teachers.

The Summer Programme the MUSIC PROGRAMME ENGLISH Language course

teaching Staff

All the summer programmes are written, designed and taught by Sevenoaks School teachers. Our academic staff have a wealth of experience and credentials in teaching international students to a very high level, as attested by Sevenoaks School’s position as a world-leader in education and with exceptional IB Diploma results. This experience, allied with unparalleled passion and knowledge, means we are extremely proud of all the staff involved.

“Mr Beverley, I don’t feel I managed to communicate this after the module was finished, but the Critical Thinking module was perhaps the best and most interesting education I’ve ever had.”

Anonymous - Sweden

“Mr Henry, you were an amazing teacher and you let us have so much space to experiment and created a safe environment for new ideas to blossom. Thank you so much because you reminded me of how much I love performing and creating. For a long time I was stuck in a creative slump and this course helped me get out of it.”

Anonymous - Russia

“I would describe Sevenoaks School Summer Programmes as a great place to learn new ways of thinking and seeing different perspectives and making lots of new friends from all over the world.”

Elsa - Sweden

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