English Language Course

The English Language Course is carefully designed by Sevenoaks School’s teachers to be immersive and focused. Students leave with an enhanced level of spoken and academic English, while learning in a dynamic and collaborative way.

General English

This aspect of the course is designed to improve skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, and to deepen understanding of grammar. Students are immersed in the English language in order to improve accuracy in speaking and writing, and to develop their confidence and knowledge of English vocabulary in order to use it in everyday circumstances.

Academic English

The second aspect of the course is aimed at students with specific academic goals. Whether it is entry to a UK boarding school, formal English exams or preparation for the workplace, this module uses carefully structured lessons on formal use of the English language.

In both General English and Academic English, current Sevenoaks School students spend each afternoon with the language course students. They work together on projects to enable the students to put their learnings into practice.

“Sevenoaks helped me to improve my language skills. I learned very much in just two weeks.”

Ada Su - German

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