Staying Healthy

The health and wellbeing of our students is paramount

The welfare of our students is vital and here at Sevenoaks, all members of staff are dedicated to just that. Each morning, an experienced school nurse is on duty at the boarding houses to see any students who require her expertise. Additionally, all of our boarding staff are trained in first aid and are very experienced when it comes to the kinds of injuries and accidents that can befall teenagers. Our boarding staff ’s responsibilities are wide, although health and wellbeing is the primary one. The school has a very strong and long-standing relationship with an excellent doctor’s surgery in the town and the boarding staff will arrange medical appointments and accompany students. They will look after any pupils who are unwell and in bed in the boarding house, and liaise with the nurse on any medical matters.

We are fortunate in that the school’s campus is very large and, with a maximum of 100 students taking part in the Summer Programme per session, we are able to make use of the space and ensure students and staff maintain safe distances from one another wherever and whenever necessary.

Food is just as important, and our students eat all meals together. This allows us to off er a greater variety of menu choices. Breakfast always includes fruit, cereal, toast and a cooked option, while dinner includes multiple choices of main course including at least one vegetarian option, choices of dessert and a salad bar. Special diets can be arranged if needed. Additionally boarding houses are stocked with essential items, such as bread, milk, biscuits and fruit. Students are permitted to cook in the house kitchens on Sundays, and many prove themselves to be very enthusiastic chefs while showing off their own nation’s cuisine.