Sevenoaks School Summer Programme Online is an academic enrichment course for bright, ambitious students aged 13-17 with a strong level of English. The academic course involves two modules: Critical Thinking and Social Leadership.

Critical Thinking

It has never been more important for students to possess the critical skills they need to tell good arguments from bad, to learn how to discriminate between information and propaganda and to be able to balance different perspectives with their own views. 

This module is designed to teach students about a range of real world political and cultural issues, and to develop the skills of critical interrogation. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, bias, fallacies and ‘Fake News’, while each two-day course ends with a fiery debate.

Click here to read an interview with Miss Olivia Power, Head of Core Critical Thinking at Sevenoaks School, about the Critical Thinking module of Sevenoaks School Summer Programme.

I thoroughly enjoyed this module as it really encouraged me to voice my opinions and view matters critically. I debated for the first time, I formed arguments and found the sharing of knowledge very rewarding.

2019 student, Hong Kong

Social Leadership

This module enables students to appreciate the role of social leaders in creating social change.

On the first day of the course, we aim to deepen students’ understanding of the world around them through the close examination of different social problems and reflecting upon their impact on particular communities. We examine different paths towards effective social change, assessing and advancing students’ own entrepreneurial skills in the process.  

On the second day, students have the opportunity to work on a practical challenge in which they apply their leadership abilities to a current social issue which they care deeply about, creating innovative solutions. Students leave empowered with the leadership tools and mindset to enable them to make a positive impact on the lives of others, and create the world they wish to see.

Click here to read an interview with Miss Cat Davison, Director of Service and Social Impact at Sevenoaks School, about the Social Leadership module of Sevenoaks School Summer Programme.

It taught us how to address real world issues from a business standpoint. The module made me feel that I can actually help to make a world a better place.

2019 student, American