We are living in extraordinary times. All around the world, to differing extents, families have been confined to their homes and children are physically being kept away from their friends and their schools. While many educational institutions have risen to the task of providing a high level of education through online platforms, this has not been the case everywhere as many parents have been unhappy with what they have felt is a ‘learning gap’ for their children.

As our Summer Programme is not able to run as planned in 2020, we wanted to develop an online offering which would get close to giving the students the same academic experience as they would have by coming to the campus.

In these testing times, it is arguably more important than ever to have the skills to identify fact from fiction, truth from lies. One of the modules we are offering as part of Sevenoaks School Summer Programme 2020 is Critical Thinking; a key module for all Sevenoaks School pupils. We have developed a bespoke course which will ensure students leave us with their eyes open to the world around them and with the tools to discriminate between information and propaganda.

The pandemic has also shone a light on the inequalities that exist in the world and has also shown us the importance of working together as a global community. Our Social Leadership module will equip students with a developed understanding of social and environmental challenges, the interlinked impacts of everyday actions, and methods and systems to change them.

Both modules will involve live, bespoke lessons from courses which have been written by Sevenoaks teachers for Sevenoaks students. The lessons will involve theory as well as interactive group work. All students who complete the course will receive a certificate from the school.

Here at Sevenoaks, we were so disappointed not to be able to open our doors to students from around the world this year but we are extremely excited to welcome many more students to the school through this online offering.

I very much look forward to welcoming you to Sevenoaks School Summer Programme online to get a taste of this wonderful school for yourself.

Mr Edward Gibson
Director of Summer Programmes