Sevenoaks School prides itself not only on being a centre for academic excellence, but also for its rich and varied educational atmosphere. Our aim is that students should become well-rounded individuals, and a key to this is participation in co-curricular activities. There are a large number of interesting, useful and challenging activities happening in the afternoons and evenings as part of Sevenoaks School Summer Programme. All activities and planned and delivered by trained staff and coaches. Students choose one activity per week and they take part in a total of 12 hours of activities during the two-week session.



Week 1                                            Week 2                                                             

Badminton                                      Basketball

Explore Sevenoaks                         Cooking

Fitness                                             Dance

Football                                           Squash

Golf                                                  Tennis

Musical Theatre                               Touch Rugby                     

Swimming                                        Ultimate Frisbee

Volleyball                                          Visual Arts          

*please note that there is a £100 supplement per week for Golf.