Sevenoaks School Summer Programme is an academic enrichment course for bright, ambitious students aged 14-17. Each module is a ten-hour course and the variety on offer gives students a taste of what academic life is like at Sevenoaks School.


Critical Thinking

It has never been more important for students to possess the critical skills they need to tell good arguments from bad, to learn how to discriminate between information and propaganda and to be able to balance different perspectives with their own views.

This module is designed to teach students about a range of real world political and cultural issues, and to develop the skills of critical interrogation. Students will learn a range of classical and modern tools which will help them to identify logically inaccurate arguments and detect intended or unconscious bias in the media.

Social Entrepreneurship

This module will enable students to appreciate the role of social entrepreneurs in creating social change.

We aim to deepen students’ understanding of the world around them through the close examination of different social problems and reflecting upon their impact on particular communities. We will examine different paths towards effective social change, assessing and advancing their own entrepreneurial skills in the process.

Students will then have the opportunity to work on a practical challenge in which they will apply their entrepreneurial abilities to a social issue they care deeply about, creating innovative solutions. They will leave empowered with the entrepreneurial tools and mindset to enable them to make a positive impact on the lives of others, and create the world they wish to see.


The creative brain is a muscle which becomes stronger with use, and allows us to adapt more quickly to unfamiliar and changing circumstances. Creativity describes a set of skills and a process. The set of skills includes curiosity and imagination, and the process includes determination, experimentation, collaboration and evaluation.

Though this module includes work in different artistic media and in creative writing, it is a crucial message to learn that a creative approach across the board will be perhaps the most important characteristic to set the next generation of graduates apart from their peers.

Digital & Study Skills

The ongoing digital revolution has brought us deep and powerful tools and resources to push human knowledge and understanding further forwards. The digital revolution has also brought challenging and disruptive elements which threaten to distract and subvert our assumptions about education and society. Equipping students with the skills they need – both classical and modern – to take full advantage of technology and also to know when to simply stop and think is at the heart of many of the issues facing education today.

This module will equip students with the skills they need to develop as independent learners in an ever-changing world.